Top 10 Women’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2013

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Top 10 Women’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2013

Spring is (almost) here and the weather looks like it is finally starting to improve and show some consistency.  Soon it will be time to break out the great trends for spring 2013 that will take us through the next few months and into what we hope will be a hot and beautiful summer.

Spring fashion is fun, its casual, its bold, its simple, its colorful and so much more. The spring season has elements of all four seasons making a perfect time to experiment with so many different fashions and accessories.

If you haven’t yet got down to the shops, fear not, for there is still time for you to be sure of the best buys you need to make in the months ahead.

We looked at the top 10 fashion trends for spring 2013

1. Cartoon Clothing

fashion trends for spring 2013 cartoont-shirt


Yes, those t-shirts that men have been wearing for years with characters on from Family Guy and other animated television shows are about to appear in women’s trends this spring. If you don’t want to go ‘full cartoon,’ consider a Space Invaders t-shirt or something similar.

2. Baring All

fashion trends for spring 2013 bare midriff


Although recent years have seen fashion become more modest in general, 2013 sees the return of short t-shirts paired with blazers to square off your frame. Time to hit those stomach crunches if you’re going to follow this trend.

3. Colored Tailoring

fashion spring 2013 trend coloredtailoring



For now, this will probably remain a more casual trend than something you would wear to the office, before being seen in workplaces more regularly next year.

4. Pattern and Print Clash

fashion trends for spring 2013 patternandprintclash


The usual style rules have really gone out of the window with this one, and stores will be actively encouraging you to where stripes with checks, or random pattern A with random pattern B in colours that clash massively. It isn’t often you can do this, so enjoy!

5. Black vs White

fashion trends for spring 2013 blackandwhitefashion

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A huge trend in 2012 was these two colours set against loud and vivid tones. This year, it is all about black against white. Pick one dominant colour, and then wear the other one understated alongside it.

6. Wild Accessories

fashion trends for spring 2013 wild accessories


You know that accessories are the crowning glory of any outfit, but this year it is how big you can get your add-ons to be. Whether an oversized bag or sunglasses that cover the whole face, size matters when it comes to accessories in 2013.

7. I Can See You- Sheer Clothing

fashion trends for spring 2013 see through clothing


Refer to point two. If that isn’t for you, then sheer clothes will be among fashion trends for spring 2013 too. Just be careful what you pick, you don’t want to be spending too much time worrying about what people who can see your underwear are thinking.

8. Ranges of Red

fashion trends for spring 2013 color red

Last year it was blue and green. This year, look to create an outfit using different tones of red. From a light pastel to an electric shade and a darker burgundy tone, ranges of red will help you to create the perfect ‘one colour’ look this spring.

9. Sixties Chic

fashion trends for spring 2013 twiggy60schic


In 2013 it is the turn of the 1960s to be the decade from recent history that influences style the most. The scariest thing about this trend is that it means the 70s are coming next year. Yelp!

10. Yes, Frills

fashion trends for spring 2013 frills

Frills have often been the perfect excuse not to buy something, but that might be difficult in the coming months, as dresses start to sport frills around the shoulders, the chest, and lower skirt areas. Look out for sport-inspired lines that are fitted nicely around the bodice before turning a little wild later on.

What fashion trends for spring 2013 are you most excited about? Please share in the comment box below

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    some really great tips!!! colors always add beauty to the fashion! But still my favorite is black all the way! Thank you for sharing these tips

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